Revised MBOW1 3-Way

Revised Crossover for the Best Buy Insignia

Revised Crossover for the BR-1 Kit

Mod for Morel 403.5 3-Way


Revised Crossover for the Norh 9.0 Marble

The New Vifa Tower

Fixing the Polk RTi28

The MB20

The MB27

The Plop-in-the-Box

The Usher Two-Way

Revised Crossover for the Radio Shack LX550

Alternative Crossover for the Dynaudio Gemini

Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

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The Acoustic Research AR4x

A Tale of Two Cabinets

Tweeter Comparison

The RadioShack Minimus 7

JMLab Mezzo Utopia,
Tannoy Westminster,

Measurements for the Radio Shack LX550

Proac Super Tablette

Acoustic Research AR3a

Sound Dynamics RTS-3

Stock vs Modified Gemini

NHT Super One

The Proac Super Tablette

Here is the room response of the Proac Super Tablette monitor.  This was my main speaker (used with a Janus subwoofer) for many years, and I thought they were very uncolored in the midrange and imaged very well.  But -- the mid treble always seemed too hot.  The LAud plot shows that the tweeter voicing is definitely on the bright side, which probably intensifies whatever other problems the crossover may have in the mid treble.