Revised MBOW1 3-Way

Revised Crossover for the Best Buy Insignia

Revised Crossover for the BR-1 Kit

Mod for Morel 403.5 3-Way


Revised Crossover for the Norh 9.0 Marble

The New Vifa Tower

Fixing the Polk RTi28

The MB20

The MB27

The Plop-in-the-Box

The Usher Two-Way

Revised Crossover for the Radio Shack LX550

Alternative Crossover for the Dynaudio Gemini

Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

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The Acoustic Research AR4x

A Tale of Two Cabinets

Tweeter Comparison

The RadioShack Minimus 7

JMLab Mezzo Utopia,
Tannoy Westminster,

Measurements for the Radio Shack LX550

Proac Super Tablette

Acoustic Research AR3a

Sound Dynamics RTS-3

Stock vs Modified Gemini

NHT Super One

The Sound Dynamics RTS-3

Here is the room response for the little Sound Dynamics RTS-3 that the Absolute Sound liked so much.  It uses a ported 6" woofer and a little 1/2" dome similar to the Audax polycarbonate tweets that sell for about $6.  The crossover is minimalist, but does provide good driver integration.  The problem with this $275 (pr) speaker is the mid-bass.  Can you say booooooom?  The flimsy cabinet doesn't help.