Revised MBOW1 3-Way

Revised Crossover for the Best Buy Insignia

Revised Crossover for the BR-1 Kit

Mod for Morel 403.5 3-Way


Revised Crossover for the Norh 9.0 Marble

The New Vifa Tower

Fixing the Polk RTi28

The MB20

The MB27

The Plop-in-the-Box

The Usher Two-Way

Revised Crossover for the Radio Shack LX550

Alternative Crossover for the Dynaudio Gemini

Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

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The Acoustic Research AR4x

A Tale of Two Cabinets

Tweeter Comparison

The RadioShack Minimus 7

JMLab Mezzo Utopia,
Tannoy Westminster,

Measurements for the Radio Shack LX550

Proac Super Tablette

Acoustic Research AR3a

Sound Dynamics RTS-3

Stock vs Modified Gemini

NHT Super One

You have arrived at MurphyBlaster Productions, a site dedicated exclusively to the art and science of amateur loudspeaker design.  Although I am an economist with no formal electrical engineering training, I have been an avid builder of speakers for over 20 years.  In addition, I'm a semi-professional violinist and violist and know what live music sounds like.  I currently use LAud and Praxis as my measurement software, and LSPcad for design work.

Everything on this site is free, including crossover and cabinet descriptions for several designs I have completed during the past two years.  The MBOW1 is a heavily revised version of my popular SPCA Special.  (The two canine woofers you see here thank all past purchasers of the SPCA Special kit, which generated over $500 in contributions to the SPCA.)  Although I have long since sold out of that kit, I have developed a superior version that mates the excellent Hiquphon OW1 tweeter with the GR Research M130 woofer using true 2nd order acoustic slopes.  Want a little more bass?  I have provided plans for a version using the Seas CA15 midwoofer (the "CAOW1").  I list a source for finished cabinets that will work with either woofer.  You will also find a 3-way version of the MBOW1, which incorporates a 10" Peerless woofer in a modular design.  And there are crossovers for a number of other woofer-tweeter combinations.  Finally, there are measurements of several classic and current commercial speakers, such as the Acoustic Research AR3a, the NHT Super One, the JMLab Mezzo Utopia, and Tannoy Westminster.

Questions or comments?  Please don't hesitate to contact .