Revised MBOW1 3-Way

Revised Crossover for the Best Buy Insignia

Revised Crossover for the BR-1 Kit

Mod for Morel 403.5 3-Way


Revised Crossover for the Norh 9.0 Marble

The New Vifa Tower

Fixing the Polk RTi28

The MB20

The MB27

The Plop-in-the-Box

The Usher Two-Way

Revised Crossover for the Radio Shack LX550

Alternative Crossover for the Dynaudio Gemini

Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

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The Acoustic Research AR4x

A Tale of Two Cabinets

Tweeter Comparison

The RadioShack Minimus 7

JMLab Mezzo Utopia,
Tannoy Westminster,

Measurements for the Radio Shack LX550

Proac Super Tablette

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Sound Dynamics RTS-3

Stock vs Modified Gemini

NHT Super One

The NHT Super One

Here are measurements for the very popular NHT Super One speaker, which uses a 6" paper woofer and a 1" cloth dome in a sealed enclosure.  Box tuning is 80 Hz.  The crossover is a first order high pass and a first order low pass with impedance compensation.  The total cost of the crossover components to NHT is probably about $3 a side, but the resulting sound is quite pleasant.  The midrange is pretty much uncolored.  The main problem is a dip in the midhighs that takes a toll in transparency and involvement. But I much prefer errors of omission to commission, and I have often recommended this speaker to friends who just want to get out their credit cards and order something from Crutchfield.  They will set you back $350 a pair.

As can be seen from the room response, the NHT Super One is completely lacking in baffle step compensation.  But the midbass runs hot enough to prevent the usual nasal quality associated with these kinds of crossovers.  Don't be alarmed by the peak at 150 Hz.  That's a room mode, although its prominence here reflects NHT's decision to tune the midbass on the ripe side.