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Revised Crossover for the Radio Shack LX550

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Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

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Crossover for the Revelator-RT1 Mini Monitor

Here is the crossover schematic for the mini monitor that won first place in the DIY2000 open division.  It uses the Scanspeak 5" Revelator midwoofer and the HiVi Research RT1 ribbon tweeter.  The narrow baffle version of the Madisound 11 liter wood style cabinet works well, with a 5-3/4" by 2" port.  However, I don't really recommend that you build this thing.  It does provide very detailed and wide range sound, but a single Revelator is not very sensitive, and the ribbon requires more padding than I would have liked.  In addition, it is very expensive and just not a good value.  I think the Revelator makes more sense as an MTM, where truly amazing bass and midrange accuracy can be obtained at reasonable sensitivity levels. That's even more expensive, of course, but in this case it's worth pulling out all the stops.  Sorry -- I don't have an MTM design, and I have not heard Rick Craig's.  In the low pass filter, the resistors really aren't resistors -- those are just the suggested dcr values for the inductors.